Choosing a Minimalist Lifestyle



Minimalism is always associated with simple living and it is! However, some seem to be reluctant or scared to give it a try because of the idea promoted by some people that minimalism is living with only 10 or 20 or 50 items daily. It is not a bad way of practicing the philosophy at all especially that they are happy doing it and it is working well for them. They are intentionally exercising extreme minimalism and they are becoming more popular.

However, like any other things in life, minimalism is a choice and I choose to do it moderately. I still love to go to a place called home and enjoy the comfort of the essential things I peruse daily. However, decluttering and disowning is still a working progress for me.

So what are the differences between a hard core minimalist and a moderate minimalist?


  1. They take minimalism to the next level.
  2. Most prefer to have no house or cars. If they do, they have tiny dwellings.
  3. They only have the very basic necessities. They possess the fewest items they could possibly live with.
  4. Some extremist explore cold living, that is, not using any heating at all in the winter. Woah! That’s tough.
  5. Some exchange material possessions for becoming earth’s vagabond.


  1. They do declutter but they keep all which they believe are essentials. They retain stuffs that are worth their keep and things that make life easier.
  2. They are mindful consumers but not anti-consumers.
  3. They don’t pare down their possessions to fit into a backpack.
  4. Yes, some do have houses. Most own cars.
  5. They don’t give up the common comforts like a nice queen bed, a sofa in the living room, a microwave to heat up cold foods, etc

Whatever the audible differences are, the universal goal of minimalism is simple and mindful living. Practicing it can bring about  numerous and lasting benefits like

  1. Less stress
  2. Inner peace
  3. More time
  4. Less distractions
  5. Less environment footprints
  6. Less expenses, more money
  7. Freedom from over-consumerism
  8. Focus on more important things
  9. Healthier relationships
  10. Happy Living

Whether you want to be a minimalist or not, extreme or moderate (if you so choose to) it is a decision you make.  It is a perspective that may change depending on your circumstances. It is greatly a personal preference and there are no hard and fast and specific rules about it. In fact, it is endowed with so much flexibility that you can apply it in your life the way you want it.

As I take this minimalis jaunt, I feel that possessions of many material things is more of a burden that necessitate offloading. I have reasonable amount of stuff in my custody but I still feel the need to get rid of a few of them. I find considerable delight in doing so.

Give it a go! 🙂



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