A Brief Time in the Heart of Melbourne

If one is taking on a brief holiday, time rushes by like a commuter late for work. Sure enough, there is much more in the must see or must do lists than the time to actually see or do them. Nonetheless, to spot a few can be equally satisfying and worth the experience.

If visiting Melbourne is one of your nearest future undertakings, you may consider embarking into the heart of the city to feel its vibes and dynamic atmosphere. And if your travel fund is less than loose but you still want to immerse into and enjoy the place, worry not because in the Free Tram Zone,  you are allowed to hop in and hop out the City Circle Trams to go to various incredible sites in the metropolitan without having to dig into your pocket for a fare. Afterall, Melbourne has the largest tram network in the world.

City Circle Tram
The City Circle Tram courses along  Flinders Street, Spring Street, Victoria Parade, La Trobe Street, Elizabeth Street, William Street and the Docklands.

So let me show you a few major attractions in Melbourne’s CBD using the free circuit conveniently.

#1 Flinders Street Station

Flinder Station
Flinders  Street Train Station:  “Meet Me Under the Clock”

Flinders Street Station has been the heart of Melbourne,  is an iconic landmark and is Australia’s oldest and busiest railway station. It has the longest train platform in Australia and the fourth in the world.

#2 Federation Square

Federation Square
Federation Square, also known as Fed Square

Just opposite Flinders Street Station is the Fed Square that serves as a hub for many activities, large-scale cultural attractions, and major events in Melbourne. It is where people just love to hang out, meet up, have a rest and watch the movements and the actions that come about day and night.

#3 Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane2
Hosier Lane: The Mecca of Street Artists

Melbourne is the art capital of Australia and when you hear Hosier Lane, it means the culture of street arts. Melbourne is world-renowned for graffiti arts and these can be tracked in several approved areas in town that continuously attract and fascinate visitors, both local and international.

#4 St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral: A church in the very heart of a city.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an Anglican church located in a very busy road in the city center. It posolutely captivates tourists with its beautiful neo-gothic design. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Melbourne.

#5 Yarra River

Yarra River2
Yarra River: One of the many places that gives Melbourne a vibrant character

The most famous river in Victoria, it is here where nature and city collide. If you crave for a walk or a jog, take a cycle or board a river boat to lay your eyes more on Melbourne’s iconic (and many unconventional) architectures, you can do so in Yarra River. River crafts can take you as far as the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne Park and Herring Island Park.

# 6 Arts Center Melbourne

Art Centre
Arts Center Melbourne: Australia’s Largest Performing Arts Venue

The Arts Center is the crown jewel of the performing arts in Victoria and the point of convergence of many creative artists.

#7 Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition Building1
Royal Exhibition Building: One of the world’s remaining exhibition pavilions.

The first world heritage listed building in Australia, the REB is already 138 years old and  still holds numerous trade shows, community and cultural events, fashion shows and many others. Yes, it was built for exhibitions and it apparently still serves its purpose.

# 8 Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum2
Melbourne Museum: The largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere.

Do you yearn to learn more about cultural, social and natural history? Then Melbourne Museum is the place to be! It is one of the most popular museums in Australia and it is a home to the world’s largest IMAX Theatre screen. Interestingly, it exhibits a post-modernist architecture that is situated adjacently to old Royal Exhibition Building, thus displaying a marked structural contrast but engineered to connect the past and the present.

#9 Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market
Queen Victoria Market: The largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere

Are you a foodie? Do you love to explore the food world? Well, Queen Victoria Market, another iconic landmark in Melbourne, caters to an extensive array of international street foods. It is also the fresh food hub of the city from fruits, vegetables to meat and fish. There is a wide range of general merchandise as well and is the best place to buy souvenirs at a bargain. Check out the night market and enjoy the live entertainment, some drinks and snacks. This is definitely one thing that you should not miss when you’re visiting Melbourne.

#10 Flagstaff Gradens

Flagstaff Gardens
Enjoy the vast green lawn of the Flagstaff Gardens

Flagstaff Gardens is a favorite place for some working locals to have their lunch break. If you prefer a serene place to have a little picnic, you can bring the movable feasts you collected from Victoria Market and walk for about 500 meters to Flagstaff Garden and there, you can devour your alfresco meal and have a wee breather then after! You can also do any other things that you think of doing in a parkland. Go for a stroll, a jog or … play!

# Docklands

Docklands_Victoria Harbour
Docklands: The Waterfront Suburb of Melbourne

Docklands is a contemporary  wharf  with tall buildings prevailing over it. There are countless attractions and activities that both locals and visitors can get a charge out of  such as viewing the different out of the ordinary urban art sculptures, riding the Melbourne Star  (a massive Ferris Wheel at the waterfront), enjoying the waterside dining, or have a good time with the free barbecue facilities and many others.

Once you visit Melbourne, its beauty and vibrancy and colors would absolutely be left impressed in your mind. Truly, there are still a lot more to see and experience in this charming city and beyond with its many twists and turns but a brief getaway at such a brief period of time is fabulous on the button.

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