Why Stress on Christmas When You Don’t Have to

Christmas is rolling again. Time to be jolly, right? Believe me when I say that many are already stressing out because of the pressure brought about by the season (or is it really the season’s little blunder???) Pressure is high not only on the pockets but also to our time thus affecting our over-all view about Christmas. This seems like anything but merry, huh. After all, we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

A colleague mentioned that she wished Christmas should never come anymore.

A kin said she always feels out of sorts during Christmas time.

Sure there can be many reasons why some people can feel anything but festive when the Yuletide season arrives but I am pretty certain too that there are many ways we can do not to feel stressed about it.

  1. Spend wisely. Consider to break off from over-consumerism. Thousands of Christmas gifts are unwanted. So think twice before buying your kid another piece of plastic toy or gifting your friend a set of tea towels. Wouldn’t it be better if you ask them what they need or like most and give it to them only if you can afford them. I’m sure you don’t want to discover your gifts to be up for online sale the next day.
  2. Do not pressure your friends, family and godparents. In some countries like the Philippines, it has always been a joke that godparents (also known as ninong and ninang) go into hiding during Christmas time. This is not far from the truth at all! There is awfully high expectations that godchildren (and their parents) have from their godparents. We expect more money, more expensive gifts and more stuff. Perhaps, it’s time to be more mindful of the economic situations of our friends, families and godparents. Don’t push them to go underground because we are apt to put a hole on their pockets. Instead, spend more fruitful times and beautiful memories with them. Stay away from materialism, shall we?
  3. Rewire your thinking about the festive season. Over many years, Christmas has become a season of over-consumerism, a season of excess. It is not because this is done by many that you have to jump into the bandwagon too. Maybe, it’s time to get back to basic. Ask yourself what is more important to you and what is more comfortable for you to do. There are gazillion of ways to celebrate Christmas without straining yourself and others. Try those out.
  4. Minimize your commitment. Chances are that you will receive jillions of invitations for parties, dinners and other Christmas holiday activities. The truth is you don’t have to go to each of them. Think what is the most important and the happiest for you to attend to. Over-commitment can only constrain your time and squeezing yourself to each request can weigh you down tremendously.
  5. Endeavour a peaceful reunion with families and friends. In some countries where the pandemic is hitting hard, reunion with families and friends might not be possible. However, in safer countries like NZ (where I am so lucky to be living in), reunion this Christmas season is definitely a can do. Nevertheless, aim to make sure that you allow relaxation and delight and excitement to radiate in your coming together. Forget about your historical resentments and bitterness. Even if there are triggers that may potentially fire you up and dig (perhaps for the nth time) the deep seated sentiments that you carry against a member of your blood tribe, don’t do it. Just don’t do it. The pandemic is tragic enough for everyone so throw the drama away in the window. If you can’t help yourself, then just pass on the reunion. That’s the best thing to do. Perhaps, that would be the best gift you can give to yourself, your family and your friends.

6. Simplify, simplify, simplify everything. I cannot emphasize this more.

Like anything in life, perspective is essential. The differences in our minds’ landscapes create various experiences with regards to particular situation. It’s the choices and decisions we make that create a whole lot of scenarios that would either make us feel good or bad about certain things. So why not make Christmas a genuinely happy season for yourself and for everyone else.

Have a truly Merry Christmas everyone!

1 thought on “Why Stress on Christmas When You Don’t Have to

  1. What a wonderful piece of writing! Proud to be your uncle, Dora! You are a real philosopher. Keep thinking good thoughts and share them with the world. Uncle Jeff


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