Why Am I a Minimalist But Not a Radical One

I like space. No, I love space. I like to see and appreciate all my things and I like to know that every single stuff I have has a use.

When I started living a minimalist life many years ago, little did I know that there was a trend spreading throughout the world (yes, I was quite unwitting of its existence). I did not even realized then that there was such a word that defined the way I live. I think minimalism is great especially of the message it tries to convey and inspire people. But I didn’t want to jump into that trend. I wanted it to be a lifestyle – a lifestyle in which I am comfortable with and something I am happy to maintain. I want it moderate and balanced and there is certainly little chance I will go down the radical route. At least, I still don’t pulse it and I think it should not be far-out unless one is comfortable in living an extremely minimalist life. After all, it is choice.

I like to keep my own house. I like to see the few decorative works I have on my wall. I prefer to keep enough kitchenware and tableware to host dinner from time to time. I would rather sleep on a comfortable bed rather than on the floor especially now that aches start to creep in. I hold on to a few resources that I can dispose on my retirement although it is still a long way ahead .

There are varying degrees of minimalism one can adopt and I choose not to take it to the extreme. There are many people who have cast themselves into minimalist frenzy only to end up hating it. Or many have persisted to practice it (of course, with every good intention) only to turn out to be an inconvenience to others. Talk about giving up one’s own house to live with friends or families for minimal fee or for free.

For anyone who considers employing the concept of minimalism in their lives, I encourage you to look at its very principle. That is keeping and doing things that you value the most and paring down on possessions or even pursuits that distract you. Determine reasonably if it’s for you before you embark on this journey. Be guided on the principle that it can make your life considerably easier but absolutely not uncomfortable.

If your decision inclines towards doing it, that is fantastic! However, please do it gradually and unhurried. Nothing drastic. Nothing forceful or to the extreme. Do not take one big leap to having only 15 or 50 items to live by. Do not suddenly put all your stuff in a capsule nor sell your house to buy a tiny house or a caravan. You might end up regretting parting with things especially those that you would wish you haven’t. A lot of people has done some radical moves only to eventually make a U-turn and denounce minimalism as some hogwash craze. Ultimately, it is still your choice.

I choose to keep less stuff. I choose to have a breezy space. This makes me happy. It helps me avoid a lot of stress and it does make my life a lot lighter.

Sure thing, I made a sound decision!

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